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by webos catalog Tue, 01 Feb 2011 1:53 am EST
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Video Flood Lite gives you all the features of the full version, Video Flood 2.6, but you can only view/ play five categories: Business, Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Learning and Politics. You can preview what is in the other categories, but you cannot view/play the videos.

Video Flood allows you to download the video broadcasts directly to your phone as well as stream them! Swiftly download videos when your around Wi-Fi and have them to view whenever. Also Facebook, Email and Copy the video URL/Links. As of this release, VF has compiled 187 video broadcasts (62 in the Lite version), containing thousands of videos, and enabled them to be viewed through HP’s video player. To achieve optimal download and stream performance stable Wi-Fi is required.

Videos offered range from two minute highlights to hour shows. The videos within the broadcasts update daily to monthly. You can also watch past videos. All the broadcasts have been tested, to insure smooth playback through the phone's video player whether downloaded or streamed. New video broadcasts are added through new version releases/updates.

BROADCAST CATEGORIES: (187 Total Broadcasts – 62 Lite)

BUSINESS - 12 Broadcasts - Featured: Mad Money & Option Actions
FOOD AND DRINK - 9 Broadcasts - Featured: Basic Brewing
HEALTH & FITNESS - 11 Broadcasts - Featured: Yogamazing
LEARNING - 15 Broadcasts - Featured: Lynda & Fora TV
POLITICS - 13 Broadcasts - Featured: Morning Joe & Democracy Now!

NEWS- 25 Broadcasts
SHOWBIZ - 11 Broadcasts
ENTERTAINMENT - 21 Broadcasts
SCIENCE - 13 Broadcasts
TECHNOLOGY - 14 Broadcasts
CARS - 8 Broadcasts
VIDEO GAMES & COMICS - 10 Broadcasts
TRAVEL AND FASHION - 10 Broadcasts
PRO & EXTREME SPORTS – 14 Broadcasts
NATURE & ANIMALS - 10 Broadcasts

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