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Video: Palm at GDC 2010

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 25 Mar 2010 9:43 am EDT

For those of you who have been wondering what makes the Plug-in Development Kit tick and how it fits in to the overall webOS picture, Palm's presentation earlier this month at the Game Developer Conference has been made available at the GDC Vault website (direct link to the video not available - it's towards the bottom of the page) (registration required).

The 40-minute long video is complete with an overview of the technology, a lengthy coding demonstration, and an enlightening Q&A session.  Highlights include the demonstration of how SDK and PDK elements can seamlessly work together inside of a single application, how easy it is to deploy PDK apps to the device for for testing and debugging, and details of Palm's plans with the technology before allowing developers to release applications incorporating the technology "before the middle of the year."

The prospects are exciting, and not just for the gaming world. Seeing how easy it is for developers to utilize the PDK for more CPU intensive tasks in their regular apps - things like audio processing (Shazam, anyone?) and OpenGL based  transformations that are difficult to do with interpreted coding languages like JavaScript - make the future of the App Catalog, and indeed the platform itself, seem bright indeed. 

Thanks to argyledx for the tip!