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Video: Palm Pre Running Flash At GDC 2010

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 16 Mar 2010 5:20 pm EDT

Here's something to tide you over until we can get our hands on the video of Palm's presentation at last week's Game Developer Conference.  Youtube user Monarchy (@HenryLevak) found himself in the Palm booth and fired up the browser on the Palm Pre Plus to see how flashed worked.  Naturally, the first site visited was which (shocker!) didn't work.  The next site visited was Miniclip, a website featuring Flash 10.1 optimized games that take advantage of on-device hardware such as accelerometers, and the game played - Alien Attack - looked as if it were a native app.  

Everything Flash-based has been looking pretty slick on webOS so far, so tell us: is the anticipation killing you?