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Video: Palm's Presentation at the 2009 Sprint Open Developers Conference

by Robert Werlinger Sun, 06 Dec 2009 11:20 am EST

There's more video being officially released by Sprint of it's 2009 Open Developers Conference.  We've already seen a video of Rick Boatright from the webOS Internals group presenting on the second day of the event, and now the entirety of Palm's presentation on the first day is available online.  A word of caution: the following is likely to put some to sleep, but I don't think that I'm alone in thinking that it's pretty damn cool to see some of the core people from Palm its webOS development team really drill down into what makes their product tick.

  • First part of Palm's presentation is the keynote speech delivered by Ben and Dion, discussing their move to Palm (they were only a month in at this point), their passion for the Web, where the Web is and how they see it evolving, where they see the webOS platform going in general, and more.  Most of the talking points here mirror those in the interview they did on IT Discussions, but there an interesting tidbit here that relates to the WebGL talk of late: They acknowledge the potential in this OpenGL based technology, but are careful to point out that its very much in its infancy.  They point to a technology that I think will be implemented in webOS much sooner called CSS Transforms, which offers GPU accelerated effects to DOM elements, and is said to be coming "very, very soon."
  • Getting Started with Palm® webOS Apps, part 1: Demo and Overview gives a high level overview, from a general overview of the phone and how the software and it's development framework works with Palm's CTO Mitch Allen taking the stage.  One of the best parts of this section is during the Q & A section with Mitch, Ben, and Dion on the stage.  We hear Rick Boatright ask a question about Palm's thoughts on the webOS Internals group, ending with Ben Galbraith expressing gratitude on Palm's behalf towards the communities that have formed around webOS in recent months.

One of the big things to take away from all of this is Palm's very real commitment to the browser as a runtime environment.  They've clearly eaten their own dogfood, evidenced by the presentation by their very own CTO in the first video. They're committed to HTML 5 and ensuring compatibility with emerging specifications, rather than creating their own proprietary clones. 

And if it happens that they do implement technology that has yet to become standardized, they're sure to go back and insure that they do.  One such example is the geolocation spec in HTML5: Palm created a proprietary implementation in the Mojo framework that will be gradually be phased out in favor of the standardized specification. It looks like Palm's decision to to hire 2 of the guys on the forefront of Ajax technology to lead their development relations team was a smart one indeed. 

Oh, and apologies to Silverlight haters. We could only find these videos in this format (at least for now).

[via: WebOS Internals]