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Video: Pre and Pixi compared side-by-side

by Robert Werlinger Sat, 21 Nov 2009 5:44 pm EST

[ youtube link ]

There are plenty of reviews for the Pre and the Pixi on the web, but few (if any) do any real comparisons on the performance differences between the two handsets. Thankfully, forums member mu7efcer has taken the time to put together a series of videos that pit the two devices against each other in a side-by-side performance showdown. The results are interesting, with the Pixi being nearly as fast (web browsing) and sometimes even faster (boot time, camera performance) than the Pre.

Here's what the videos compare:

The Pixi is pretty darn snappy, and it's interesting to see that the sluggishness some reviewers have experienced is all but absent here. With the differences in performance between the two now documented on video, I think it needs to be said: the Pixi is one heck of a phone, especially for that form factor, and doubly so when selling for as little as $25.