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Video on webOS: stream from NBC and Vimeo

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 26 May 2010 1:58 pm EDT

An increasing number of companies are changing the way they serve up content on the web by moving away from Adobe's Flash technology to HTML5 and/or direct streaming.  Two notable sites, and Vimeo, have made it so any modern smartphone platform with a decent WebKit based browser can view their content.  Why are an increasing number of media companies making this move? It's probably safe to assume that Apple and its recent success with the Flash-less iPad has something to do with it.  

As evidenced in the above video, performance isn't terrific on my Sprint Palm Pre when using either site, as things bog down considerably when more than one browser instance (or just one browser instance) is open. Overall quality seems to be much better when viewing Vimeo content, as content is consistently too compressed on both the audio and video fronts. Still, it's great to have access to more of this kind of content without having to have Flash, because who knows when it'll actually come the way of webOS.