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View/Save a picture from an email message

by Adam Marks Tue, 29 Mar 2011 3:04 pm EDT

When you receive an email with a picture attachment, you would think that you would just tap on the attachment bar underneath the "subject" line to view and save the picture, right? While this works with .png images, tapping on any other picture type (such as. jpg) will result in nothing happening. So how do you view or save those other pictures types?

First, if the picture is not downloaded already, you will need to tap the attachment bar to initiate the download. Once completed, a thumbnail of the picture will appear just to the left of the filename. Simply scroll down all the way to the bottom of the email and a larger version of the picture will appear. Tap that picture to get an interactive view of the picture, along with an option to "Copy To Photos" (just as you would when viewing pictures from the Messaging app). That photo will now appear in the "Downloads" folder in the Photos app or when in USB mode.

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