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Is Vodafone in Negotiations with Palm for Pre Release?

by Jennifer Chappell Tue, 03 Mar 2009 4:56 pm EST

Brian posted last week about how the Palm Pre has been popping up on several of Palm's international web sites.  Update: And forum member Stefan had actually commented below Brian's article and let us know that the provider for the Netherlands would be Vodafone, referring to the article below. Sorry I missed Stefan's comment before now! I try to read all the comments but sometimes I miss some.

And Dieter saw a GSM version of the Palm Pre sporting a Vodafone SIM card at MWC 2009.

Recently, the Palm WebOS Blog reported learning via (Dutch site) that Vodafone finally admitted that they're in negotiation with Palm for release of the Pre.

According to Palm WebOS Blog, Ivo Philipsen a spokesperson of Now-Mobile and the exclusive Palm agent in Benelux, said that they're negotiating an exclusive deal with Vodafone for the first 3 months.

From the article:

It’s not clear at this stage where the negotiations are. Joost Galema, PR manager of Vodafone Netherlands, said that they are still considering whether they can agree a deal with Palm. T-mobile would not comment when asked them if Palm is also in talks with other carriers, however, T-mobile’s spokesperson, Priscilla Tomasoa, did admit that Palm Pre would be a good handset for them to have following the success of iPhone and G1 with Android.

Evgeny of Palm WebOS Blog noted that an undisclosed Vodafone employee showed him some of the upcoming Vodafone cloud services, which look good.

I'm so ready for the Palm Pre to be released!  I wouldn't care if Vodafone got it first , just so we get it here soon!