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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:10 pm EST
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Voogle is a Google Voice client for webOS. With Voogle, you can read and listen to your voice messages, listen to recorded calls, make calls from your Google Voice number and text from within the app. Supported folders in Voogle are Inbox, Starred, Voicemail, Texts, Recorded, Placed, Received, Missed, All and Unread. All messages in the folder view are clearly marked with their type (SMS, Voicemail, etc.) and if they are starred or unread. Voogle's interface is very similar to webOS' default interface so making the switch from the default dial-pad or default messaging client is extremely easy. Voogle also supports cross-app launching so pretty soon some of your other favorite apps can start utilizing the power of Voogle.

This is Voogle2 which is the next major update to Voogle. Notifications are going to be implemented in the next version.

Note: 2-step authentication does NOT work with this app.

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