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Vote: Mock-up the next Palm device contest needs you to pick a winner (Update: Voting ends tonight!)

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Nov 2010 4:01 pm EDT

Mock-up the next Palm Device contest

Well folks, the time has come for the next phase of our fun little contest. After receiving several dozen entries of varying caliber, we’ve finally whittled the options down to pick ten finalists. The winner, however, is up to you and your voting skills (i.e. you ability to click with a mouse). The most excellent mock-up that receives the most excellent votes will net the winner the next Palm device, which as it turns out will be a Palm Pre 2, in which ever flavor the winner prefers (Verizon or unlocked AT&T band developer phone (or SFR if you’re feeling French)). Vote getters number two and three will received a conciliatory prize of $50 to spend at the PreCentral Accessory Store, while everybody else gets a slap on the back and a job well done.

After the break, check out all the entries, including our ten finalists and ten honorable mentions, and place your vote!

Update: The voting ends at midnight, eastern, tonight, so we're giving you one last chance to vote if you haven't yet. We won't say who's ahead in the poll, but we will say that it's a virtual dead heat between the top three - so tell your friends to get their vote on!


Palm Twist, by Adam Wrigley

With concave sides for easy grip the Twist stands as both a portrait slider phone, but when up you can give the screen a twist to turn it sideways for gaming with exposed joystick controls.

Palm Pre HD, by bhughes719

Packing a 3.8-inch AMOLED screen with buckets full of pixels, the Pre HD turns the keyboard onto its side with a new horizontal mode for side-by-side webOS cards. The Pre HD also gains a Micro SD slot, HDMI out, and a beefy 1800mAh battery.

Palm Pad, by Brent Downey

We weren’t able to get many details on the Pad, but as these renders show, the new device comes with a kickstand, wireless physical keypad, and a slide-down back with gaming controls and a touch-sensitive input area.

Palm R1, by David Rhyne

Running a totally overhauled webOS 2.0, the new slate-style R1 packs a 1.33GHz processor, a 960x480 3.5 inch super-black screen, a textured magnesium body, and a 6MP rear camera with 1.3MP up front.

Palm C40, by David Vogt

A nice big 4.3 inch screen over a BlackBerry-style portrait slider keyboard mark the stand-out features of the C40. Inside you’ll find a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 32GB for storage, and webOS 2.0, all wrapped up in a magnesium shell.

Unnamed Palm Phone, by Jamie Myer

This phone slides vertically and rotates, allowing keyboard use with portrait and landscape oriented screens. Rotating exposes a front-facing camera and speaker, and the whole package is nerd-friendly translucent.

Unnamed Palm Watch, by Jesus Valenzuela

Details are sparse on this webOS-powered watch, but what is clear is that it packs a projector to take your webOS experience from the super-small screen to however big you’d like.

Palm Superior HD, by Jose Barajas

The Superior HD lives up to its name with the first high definition screen in a smartphone. Powered by webOS 2, the extra screen real estate is used for the new WidgetDeck, which rests right above the stacking and minimizing cards view.

Palm HD2, by LCGuy

Spec’d out would be an apt description for the HD2, which packs a 1GHz processor, a full GB for RAM, 16GB of Micro SD-expandable storage, a 2250mAh battery, an 8MP camera on back with 4MP up front, all faced by a 3.8” AMOLED 960x640 screen.

Palm Pre 2, Palm Pad, and Palm Watch, by Virox

The next generation in personal computing, the Pre 2, Pad, and Watch, all from Palm conspire to take you to the next level of connectivity. All move up to modern standards and then take a leap past, with the Watch in particular pushing the edge of modern consumer technologies with a flexible LED screen for notifications, reminders, and media controls.


Now that you've had a chance to peruse those entries that are up for the big prize, now it's time to cast your ballot. Voting will be open until Midnight Eastern time on Friday, October 29, 2010. The winner will be announced the following week with a ticker tape parade and several large balloons.


Unnamed Palm Handheld, by Alberto Perez

Unnamed Palm Phone, by Clemson Pre

Unnamed Palm Napkin, by Daniel Renjifo [video]

Palm Power, by fireyfuzzball

Palm Chronos, by hagster

Untitled Palm Phone, by James Tapia

Palm Peak, by Steve Lipson

Palm Butler, by Michael Prywes

HP Prevail CS, by Michael Powell

Palm Pre HD-Flip, by Sorli