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The Waiting Game

by Derek Kessler Fri, 16 Nov 2012 9:13 pm EST

The Waiting Game

In this year of two thousand twelve, we've reached a point in our modern society where waiting is considered a bad thing. Patience runs thin. We don't tolerate lines, nor are we accepting of slow downloads. We get irritated if we have to wait for what we perceive as being too long for food in a restaurant, the arrival of a delivery, or for that idiot driver up ahead to make up their mind about how fast they're going to drive.

All of this makes being a webOS fan an excruciating exercise in patience. It's one thing to be waiting for a device to be released after its announced. You have a general idea of when it's going to come, even if it's something vague like "first half of 2011" or "late summer". You have a time frame. Right now, as we wait on whatever's happening with Open webOS to, well, happen, we have no time frame. At least with the open sourcing process for webOS we had a roadmap. Now that the roadmap was more-or-less fully executed upon at the end of September, we've ended up in a holding pattern here in the webOS community, waiting for something - anything - to come our way.

Three months ago we broke the news about HP spinning off the webOS Global Business Unit as a sort-of-independent company to be called Gram. Two months ago they moved out of the old Palm campus into a newly renovated space. And today the company still hasn't been announced, let alone discussed what they're going to do. For three months now, employees have been stuck in this sort of limbo where they can say they work for Gram, wear Gram shirts, and carry around Gram bags, but can't talk about what Gram is going to do.

So we wait for Gram to become official. And we wait for the webOS-powered LG TV (maybe - maybe - seeing a debut at CES this coming January) and for webOS Professional Edition and for the Android Compatibility Layer and for… anything.

There's been one bright spot, and that's been the WebOS Ports team working on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus port for Open webOS. They've been making progress, publicly showing off said progress, and making it available for the daring among us to even try it out themselves. But even then, we're waiting for the day that it might someday be a useful product instead of a novelty, and the WebOS Ports team has steadfastly and understandably refused to give even a broad estimation of when features might be implemented.

So we wait.

Thing is, when we have to wait, we get bored. When we get bored, our minds wander. And when our minds are allowed to wander, they go all sorts of weird and often goofy places while we try to pass the time. One of the best ways to pass this idle waiting time? Playing a game.

Since it's been a good while since any great games have landed on webOS (have you seen Angry Birds Star Wars on every other platform? It gives webOS a sad), we decided to play a different kind of game.
It's a game of doing random missions. Kind of like how Jimmy Kimmel has parents play mean tricks on their kids and video tape them for our amusement. Except we're going to be all webOS-y about it. We're going to call it The Waiting Game, because sometimes it seems like we have nothing better to do anyway.

Here's how it goes, at least for now. We reserve the right to tweak or dump the formula for something equally random. We want you to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger about webOS. Chances are they won't know what you're talking about, so you'll have a blank canvas to work with here. And once you're done, report back here to the comments and let us know how it went. We expect confusion, we expect wild gesturing, and we expect TiVo-style "I do want that!" revelations.

Passing the time by spreading the word. Let's hear it, webOS Nation.