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Wal-Mart.com selling Pre and Pixi with oh so useful 4GB microSD card

by Derek Kessler Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:43 am EST

Buy a Palm Pixi or Palm Pre, get a free microSD card!

While we understand the drive to throw in freebies to entice a customer to buy a product, we as the customer generally prefer that the freebie be somehow useful to the product I am looking to purchase. Case-in-point, Wal-Mart Wireless’s online site (powered by LetsTalk) is giving out free 4GB microSD cards from Kingston with select Sprint phone purchases, including the Samsung Instinct S30, HTC Hero, Palm Centro, Samsung Moment, and the Palm Pre and Pixi. Wait, that’s not right...

Palm Pre Plus with 8 GB storage In other news, Verizon’s website also has some cleaning up to do, as Hebrew language blog Palm Preacher noticed. Verizon’s fancy try-it-out emulator for the Pre Plus lists the following tech specs: 7630 MB ROM/256 MB RAM. If you’ve been following the news about the Pre Plus at all, you’ll noticed that those numbers are exactly half of what they should be, in fact they’re the specifications of the regular Pre, not the double plus good Pre Plus. At least some other parts of the Verizon website list the Pre Plus with the proper storage and memory. Now if only Verizon would actually show off the Pre Plus on their website...

Thanks to Darrell and avnera for the tips!