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Want a free TouchPad? HP Academy is giving one away

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 26 Jun 2011 12:02 am EDT

HP Academy, a division within Hewlett-Packard that was created with the purpose of offering college students discounts on computers and electronic devices, is looking to give away an HP TouchPad on July 1st to twitter users who help those students "Catch a Break". By tweeting out a pre-defined message with the #CatchABreak hashtag and a link to their details page, you'll be automatically entered to win that free TouchPad, and you'll also be saving those poor college students a few bucks on new computers that they buy through the HP Academy store.

Check out the details by clicking the link below, and start spreading the word for your chance to win. You can also follow @HPAcademy on Twitter or do a search for the hashtag #CatchABreak to see what else is being said about the giveaway. Two things you should know: You must be 18 years or older (or have an adult represent you) and live in the United States to enter and win the TouchPad. To our friends across the big ponds, sorry. Maybe you can score a TouchPad through some other contests that HP will inevitably have in the future.

Source: HP Academy TouchPad Giveaway; Via: Twitter; Thanks, Eli!