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Want TouchPad apps? Grapple Mobile is already working on it

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 29 Mar 2011 8:15 am EDT

Grapple Mobile, one of the largest mobile app development firms outside of the US, has just announced that they have signed an agreement with HP to begin allowing their clients to build native applications for the soon to be released TouchPad. Since they've already built up a very good name in the app development world for other platforms, we're gonna say pretty bluntly that this is a very good thing for HP's future webOS devices, and for several big reasons.

Reaching an agreement with a company like Grapple means that webOS is starting to look a bit more valuable in the eyes of the consumer industry. Grapple develops for some big names out there, like T-Mobile, Sony Pictures and Xbox's Fable III Kingmaker, and has invested a lot of money into their app development processes (a BIG $9 Million), but let's just assume that Grapple isn't the first larger development company to decide to build for webOS. How many other major players are going to be considering the TouchPad as a viable platform as we get closer to launch date?

With Grapple putting some focus on TouchPad development in their future projects, there's a good chance that users won't be left out while the rest of the world enjoys the latest app titles to hit the catalog shelves. We'll be right up at the front of the line now with HP standing to the side to make sure everything goes down the way that they agreed.

Possibly the biggest thing to note here is that HP is not just targeting American companies for their webOS development needs anymore. With the webOS CONNECT London Event just completed yesterday and now one of the most successful cross-platform development firms taking a big interest in what HP has to offer, you may be seeing a pattern arise from the actions of our overlords. HP is taking webOS to a much larger global market, and not just letting it play in the company's own backyard (the States). Maybe this will bring a solution to the geo-restricted app catalog, too (or at least, sooner).

Let's be sure not to get ahead of ourselves with excitement, though. Just because Grapple is coming as one of the first companies with access to develop for webOS 3.0 and the TouchPad doesn't mean that they're also bringing their apps to webOS 2.x and the growing line of smartphone devices. It would be a loss to think that they wouldn't accompany those smaller devices with great apps, but you can't assume anything true that is not blatantly stated in the press release. Heck, you can hardly assume anything true that is stated in an official press release.

The only question we have left to ask: What developers are gonna follow suit and get their apps available for the TouchPad by the expected June launch day?

Check out the full Press Release after the break.

Grapple Mobile to Create Apps for new HP Touchpad

LONDON, March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading mobile applications development agency Grapple Mobile today announces they have signed a development agreement with HP, to enable their clients - brands, businesses and agencies - to develop apps for the HP TouchPad quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Grapple will be one of the first developers to be building apps for the TouchPad and the world's first agency to be incorporating it into their cross-platform offering.

It is now vital for brands and businesses to respond to the increasing demand from consumers for content rich, feature led apps which deliver the best possible user experience. HP's TouchPad provides an ideal channel for this kind of interaction - with its 9.7 inch capacitive multi-touch display, flash capability, front-facing camera and HP webOS operating system.

Alistair Crane, CEO Grapple Mobile, commented:

"Our clients want the ability to create the best possible applications on the most relevant platforms to reach their target audience, and to drive their business objectives. As tablets of all kinds become more prevalent and popular amongst the mainstream it is crucial for us to incorporate them into our fully cross-platform offering."

Richard Kerris, vice-president Developer Relations from HP, said:

"We are committed to working with the best international app developers and to ensuring that HP customers are getting access to a wide range of high quality apps for the HP TouchPad. Grapple Mobile will play a significant role in helping us to achieve this aim."

With offices in London, Toronto and New York Grapple's full service agency approach enables the rapid development of native applications for all the leading mobile devices including the iPad and iPad2. The HP TouchPad will be fully integrated into this cross-platform offering by the time it is launched to select markets this summer.