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Want to Write for PreCentral.net?

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Jan 2009 3:36 pm EST

Now that we've launched, answered a ton of Pre questions, and are digging up features that even Palm hasn't officially talked about yet, we figured it was about time we started getting this thing going in earnest.  That's where you come in.  Want to write for PreCentral.net?  We'd like it too, quite possibly.  Here's the skinny: send me an email at dieter -at symbol- smartphoneexperts -dot- com with the following:

  • Subject line exactly as you see it in between these here quotes, but put your name in: "Writing for PreCentral.net - Your Name Here"
  • Two sample blog posts about the Pre.  These must be new and not something you've written elsewhere. They don't necessarily have to be about a brand new Pre story -- a how to, opinion piece, or explanation of a Pre feature could also be fair game.  What sorts of things are we looking for in these blog posts?  Well - quality, content, and voice.  Poke around the posts here and at our sister sites and you'll get the feel.
  • An idea of how many blog posts per day or per week you'd be 1) able to write  2) interested in writing, and 3) when.  Be honest here -- if your number feels a little small to you then it will probably feel a little small to us.  You might also let us know how much of a newshound and a forumhound you are.
  • Tell us what your smartphone is now and what your favorite thing about it is -- in one sentence.

That'll do for a start.  We're talking about a couple paying gigs here (not enough to retire on), so please -- only apply if you're in it for real.