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webOS 1.2 and battery life: better?

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 09 Oct 2009 2:04 pm EDT

Members in our forums are reporting improvements in battery life since updating to webOS 1.2, to the extent that some are even going from a nearly dead battery after a full day of use on webOS 1.1, to having 20-30% battery left by the end of the day.

Measuring battery life can be a fickle thing, though, what with different usage patterns, perceptions, and whether or not Venus is rising. However, using this battery life monitoring utility in the homebrew section, you can get a bit more info to see if what the situation is. (Also, be sure to check out this guide on how to optimize battery life.)

How's 1.2's battery life seem to you?

 [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]