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WebOS 1.2 Brings LED Notifications - But They're Not Enabled by Default

by Jason Robitaille Sat, 05 Sep 2009 8:42 pm EDT


You read that right, LED notifications!  WebOS 1.2 has brought its fair share of pleasant surprises, and this certainly seems to take the prize.  One little catch: the code for this feature is commented out.  This is similar to the add/remove pages hack; all the coding is done, it's just disabled for some reason.

After the break, all the technical details!

Discovered less than 24 hours ago, all that's needed is to remove the commenting from lines 54-55 and lines 248-251 in /usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.screenlock/app/controllers/securityconfig-assistant.js as well as uncommenting lines 92-97 and lines 101-103 in /usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.screenlock/app/views/securityconfig/securityconfig-scene.html then voila, you've got the option to enable "Blink Notification". 

We pray that by the time WebOS 1.2 launches officially this little modification will be ready in Quilt, D2GlobalInc, and WebOS Quick Install tweak formats.

Once "Blink Notifications" is enabled, missed calls and pretty well any notifications received while the screen is off, will cause the center button LED to blink.

Not only that, but WebOS 1.2 with its "Blink Notifications" toggle finally fixes the Mojo function indicateNewContent(). Sharp-eyed developers will remember that particular API was implemented just before the SDK went public and up until now, never did anything.  Now it works!


Makes the core navi button pulsate if true. This is mainly intended to alert the user to dashboard events that desire user attention.

hasNew {boolean}

So developers, if you want to add LED notifications to you app, there you go.  That single line will toggle the LED blinking, it's just as simple as that. And you hackers out there, no more need to rely on bulky methods like SH scripts and services anymore, just that single line of code will add LED function to that patch of yours.

I'm liking the sound of WebOS v1.2 more and more, every hour that passes by.

Thanks to Michaelw9 for the discovery and Jhoff80 for the video