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App limit be gone!

We’ve been able to confirm through anonymous sources that webOS 1.3.5 has been seeded to developers and it fixes the app space limit. The fix for the much-hated shortcoming comes courtesy of a unique solution that will allow user to use for apps as much of the available 7 GB of free space on their Pre or Pixi as they like.

Palm’s solution has moved apps out of the fixed-size /var partition and into a new folder on /media, otherwise known as the USB drive partition. The /media partition is the largest on the device and provides about 7 GB of free space out of the box.

In order to prevent users from just copying apps out of the folder when in USB drive mode, Palm has set the folder to be encrypted when the phone is hooked up to a computer and put into USB drive mode. When out of USB drive mode, the folder is switched to unencrypted mode and apps are free to be used again. You can’t use your phone when in USB drive mode anyway, so there’s no loss here.

Currently, apps stored in /var are visible to the Internalz app, this won’t change with webOS 1.3.5. While the new apps folder won’t be visible to most webOS apps, Internalz’s all seeing eye will still be able to view the folder just the same.

All-in-all, this is the kind of solution that we were hoping for. It’s ingeniously  simple yet doesn’t lock down webOS anymore than necessary. When webOS 1.3.5 lands (we expect it in the next few weeks), it’ll be a good day for the App Catalog. Bye bye, app space limit warning!