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webOS Hits Verizon

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 29 Apr 2010 10:13 am EDT

Just like we told you yesterday, webOS is landing on Verizon webOS devices. With all the HP buyout excitement, it's nice to see that Palm is sticking to their word that it would be business as usual until the buyout is final. 

Overclockers: Uninstall before updating! Patchers: AUPT should have you covered, so update away. Humans: check out the 1.4.1 changelog and let us know if the promised keyboard fix really is in!

Update: Palm's official release notes make no mention of keyboard fixes do mention keyboard fixes. We are installing now, will report back to let you know if it's improved.

Update 2: Update finished and at least provisionally it looks like keyboard input isn't causing as many repeated letters. Also (and again, this is preliminary), we grabbed an exact GPS fix in Google Maps right away, an experience that was hard to come by on the Verizon Palm Pre Plus before now.

Thanks to @techjunky79 for the tip!