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webOS 1.4.1 Starts Trickling Out - Updates: Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, France

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 31 Mar 2010 7:05 pm EDT


We don't know what sort of Faustian bargain has been struck here, but tomi666 (note the name!) once again appears to be the first person on the planet to receive an update to webOS.  He was first with webOS 1.4 while in Vietnam and now this globetrotting fellow is first with webOS 1.4.1 in Holland. We are expecting webOS 1.4.1 to include some bugfixes (especially for background multitasking) and compatibility for international paid applications, which are coming later today.

We can't say yet which carriers and devices will be receiving webOS 1.4.1, but it's a safe bet that if you live outside the confines of the United States, you should be expecting it soon. Things are developing, so we'll keep you apprised as we learn more about who's getting webOS 1.4.1 and what features it includes.

Update 5: As of right now it looks like the webOS 1.4.1 update has landed for O2 and Movistar customers only. Full changelog here, O2 Germany and UK customers can now download and use Mobile Hotspot.

Patchers: Auto Update Patch Technology should for the most part take care of you and you need not remove them. Overclockers: you should remove that kernel patch - a better implementation is on the way anyhow. We mean it - as mrloserpunk notes, your Pre will automatically update itself if left alone.

Updates after the break.

Update 1: tomi666 notes it a very small update, only 6mb from 1.4 to 1.4.1.

Update 2: We've set up a few forum threads for y'all to discuss:

Update 3: At least one Sprint user, Daniel in Washington, has received the webOS 1.4.1 update

Update 4: Stefan of preciouscoders writes in to say that it's appearing on O2 devices in Germany! David tweets that it's landing in the UK as well - plus griffinx in Ireland. @capape has it in Spain

Update 5: France too, per palmpre-france