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webOS 1.4.1 vs, SDK, & update delays

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 31 Mar 2010 10:27 pm EDT

Palm has released the SDK for webOS 1.4.1 and it contains some bad news:

Due to new carrier launches and varying carrier timetables, multiple 1.4.X releases will be active concurrently on consumer devices

That's to be expected in this modern age, but shed a tear for those halcyon days of every single webOS device on every single carrier running the same OS. 

Reading between the lines, you can pretty much expect that Verizon, Bell, and Telcel customers don't have a clear ETA for getting the bugfixes in webOS Our anonymous source confirms that "Verizon is on a slower 1.4.X release schedule," suggesting that we are definitely looking at "several more weeks" of 1.4.0.

For you developers, here's the straight story on webOS 1.4.1 (which O2 received) and webOS (which landed on Sprint). From the SDK:

As of webOS, apps will have 60 seconds to perform background operations in "headless" mode (with no stages open). In webOS 1.4.1, the limit remains 15 seconds, as it was in 1.4.0. 

In plain English, that essentially means that the issue some developers have faced with apps multitasking in the background is all set up with the new behavior on Sprint devices but not yet on other carriers. 

There are plenty of other changes that developers will want to take a look at in the SDK release notes (hooray for improved garbage collection and JSON parsing!). Non-developers might be more interested in reading the plain release notes for webOS 1.4.1