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Sometimes webOS updates go all sorts of strange. Such is the story of webOS, an update that seems to be just bug fixes. This time, the release is official, and also available on the Verizon Pixi Plus. What does it contain? According to Palm’s own support pages:

“This release fixes an issue so that multimedia messaging continues to work properly.”

Thankfully, the on-device update notication was a big more revealing:

- Web: Podcasts now download correctly;
- Web: text entry can now be entered correctly;
- Power consumption / battery optimization;
- Videos: A user can now send a video via multimedia messaging from the Video
- Video: the video trim feature now works to send in a message;

Exciting, eh? We weren’t aware multimedia messaging had or was going to stop work properly, but it’s good to know that it should continue to do so. And that’s just about it, though we’re hoping there are some additional fixes in store, such as correcting that nasty Fstab bug.