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webOS 1.4.5 available for Verizon Pre Plus, AT&T Pre Plus

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 14 Sep 2010 1:42 am EDT


As expected, webOS 1.4.5 is now available for the Pre Plus on Verizon. While we know that it's going to let you download more games to help pump up the numbers for the developers looking to get their share of the one million dollars Palm is giving away in the PDK Hot Apps program, we're curious to hear if there are any other improvements.

At the top of our list: tell us if 1.4.5 on your Pre actually fixes the currently-busted GPS functionality so we don't have to resort to Homebrew fixes. We're not especially hopeful it will, but hey, at least you can look forward to better Mobile Hotspot with Windows Visa 64-bit, slightly improved battery life, and all the Jewels you can handle.

Homebrewers - as usual most patches are ok, but these should be removed before updating. We like to suggest removing themes before updates, too.

Update: The AT&T Palm Pre Plus also looks to be getting the update as we speak! No word yet on whether there are additional features hidden in the AT&T update and also no word whether or not the AT&T Pixi is getting 1.4.5 just yet. - Thanks Sett!

Update 2: Oddly, Palm's release notes for Verizon Palm Pre webOS 1.4.5 don't mention the battery or Mobile Hotspot improvements from Verizon's site. AT&T's release notes don't reveal any surprises.

Thanks LLC23!