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webOS 1.4 to Arrive Feb 25th?

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 21 Feb 2010 1:24 pm EST

While Sprint may have been ready for webOS 1.4 since the 15th, actual roll-out of the OS hasn't happened yet. That's not too surprising - we've seen internal dates from Sprint slip in the past. But Palm promised a February release and time is quickly running out.

A Verizon tipster has let us know that the 'hard date' for the rollout is going to be February 25th. As in updates past, the update will roll out to around 100,000 devices at a time. However, as in updates past once the update hits you're free to launch the update app and download / install it yourself. 

webOS 1.4 is expected to bring video recording, compatibility with Flash 10.1 (though Flash 10.1 is definitely coming later), minor speed improvements, and that somewhat new way of launching a card you see above. We have also heard that webOS 1.4 will also finally turn on the LED alert by default, removing the need for a patch.

Thanks Anonymous!