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webOS 2.0 poses for video on Pre Plus

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 08 Jan 2011 2:57 pm EST

A YouTube video just came over the transom and squinting through the blurriness, we can tell it's definitely a Pre Plus running webOS 2.0. We're not seeing much that we haven't seen before, although it does look like if you tap on Just Type now you get a list of recent searches. It's good to see that Flash is here and sort of working, but we are not embedding the video here because said Flash demo towards the end of the video looks to be of the pornographic variety. So yeah, the source link is not safe for work past the 2 minute mark.

We also are seeing the Virtual Keyboard here brought up with the half-swipe-up gesture previously reserved for the Quick wave launch bar - but since Preware is installed we can't say for sure that users can expect this when webOS 2.0 finally starts landing on devices not called "Pre 2."

....when will that be? We're still in "coming months" territory, but presumably we can expect HP and Palm to shed some light on that on February 9th. Another anonymous tipster said Verizon was looking at a 4-6 week timeline for both webOS 2.0 upgrades and the Pre 2 launch - but we've learned to hedge our bets on any sentence involving the words 'Palm' and 'Verizon,' so we suggest you do the same.

Update: A new, work-safe version has been uploaded and is after the break.

Source: YouTube (NSFW); Thanks Anonymous - but next time keep it clean, hey?