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webOS 2.0 Screenshots drop: Quickoffice, VPN, more

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 07 Sep 2010 12:54 pm EDT

  webOS 2.0

Nobody freak out, but a bunch of webOS 2.0 screenshots have just dropped in our forums and we're digging what we're seeing. As we reported in July, QuickOffice is definitely coming and now it looks like it's hitting in webOS 2.0. As you can see above, it looks like it'll be a full-featured client, including support for syncing to Google, DropBox, Box.net, and even MobileMe.

We also see support for

  • VPN - both IPSEC and Cisco
  • More messaging options including LCS, MySpace, QQ, and Skype (?!)
  • A refreshed launcher with named pages for categories (Palm, Services, Preferences, etc) and the ability to add and reorder pages
  • More discrete preferences for text input called "Text Assist." No word whether "Auto-Correction" will be more full-featured than what we have now.
  • A single, unified place to handle all Synergy accounts (Finally!), including AOL, plain email, Exchange, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Photobucket
  • Robust (and definitely needed) preference options for the all-singing, all-dancing Just Type feature
  • A new dialer with Voicemail, Favorites, Call Log, and dial screen buttons

Hit up the forums to see them all, but we've posted a choice few after the break!

Source: wibozi; via: PreCentral Forums