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webOS 2.0 SDK hits YouTube

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 14 Sep 2010 11:58 pm EDT

We can't say how long this will say online, but somebody going by webos1337 has posted a video of some of the features of webOS 2.0 up on YouTube. It includes just a little more detail than what we've already seen from the leaked screenshots. Specifically, we get a tiny peek at how card stacks are managed and a bit of a look at how the Just Type interface will look.

It's also as clear to us as ever (as it didn't seem to be to the internet at large for some reason) that the MobileMe and DropBox 'integration' is simply a feature of QuickOffice and not of webOS proper. Unfortunately, it also looks like QuickOffice's support for some office file formats leaves a bit to be desired.

We are intrigued to see that just a little more functionality seems to have been added to the notification dashboard. The detail-oriented among us might also notice that the launcher now looks and feels a bit more like a standard webOS 'card' instead of an overlay drawer.

Rahul Sood has said that what we've seen so far with we've seen thus far with webOS 2.0 isn't the full story, but if nothing else this latest leak should give some developers yet more reason to be pumped for webOS 2.0.

Thanks Maydae23!