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We’ve been getting sporadic reports of a webOS 2.1 update landing on Palm Pre 2 phones with no rhyme or reason, and it appears that Kyron John over at CellOuts.net was one of those lucky few that was able to download and install the update. Through screenshots and word he’s provided a brief overview of what’s new in the update, and it’s not anything we haven’t seen before: Voice Dial and Exhibition.

That said, there are still a few details that have eked out: Voice Dial is triggered by holding down either of the volume buttons or the button on your bluetooth headset, though John did note that the bluetooth can be a bit finicky: hold to short and it auto-redials the last number, too long and you’re apt to turn off the headset (at least most of them). Once you’re past that, though, it works for numbers in your contacts or manual reading of a number.

As expected, Exhibition has gained its own little preferences app, and it launches like a good little at-a-glance display when you drop your webOS 2.1-running phone on a Touchstone. The preferences right now control what app plug-ins are available for your Exhibition viewing, though as of right now just Time, Photos, and Agenda are built-in, with support for Facebook also offered, though apparently not functional.

Apart from that, many built-in apps report an updated version number of 2.1, though any changes weren’t immediately obvious. Others haven’t been touched, and some bugs have been ironed. Also, HP has taken charge of the boot screen, with the round HP logo replacing the pulsating Palm wordmark. That’s your prerogative when you spend more than a billion dollars on something.