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webOS 2.1 download posted for European Pre Plus (Updated)

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 22 Feb 2011 5:56 am EST

So much for being cancelled, eh? HP has posted the webOS Doctor for webOS 2.1 for the German version of the Palm Pre Plus. The download, spotted in our PreCentral forums, is real and legit and, well, here. Germans: rejoice, then download the doctor to your desktop, back up your phone, hook up your Pre Plus, and get updating. Everybody else, donate to WebOS Internals and wait pensively for them to decide whether or not to tackle the FrankenDoctor to see if it will work on other devices (Update: Rod Whitby says they're looking into it). 

Details are still coming in, but there's a full PDF detailing what's new in 2.1 and it most definitely includes flash along with all the other 2.0.1 goodness we already have. We're seeing exhibition mode here, plus all the rest seems to be: Just Type, stacked cards, improved Synergy, the new launcher, and more.

Will HP release the doctor for other devices? It's unclear, but hey, at least the original story we reported from HP was true and so was our earlier report that it would happen.

More details as we get them, in the meantime hit those source links for all the webOS 2.1 chatter you can take.

Update: PC user rot reports that the App Catalog for 2.0 is also working. Update 2: Precaution in our forums says it's working on Vodafone as well.

Update 3: Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals is already digging and it looks like this doctor is hashed for "carrier ROW" (Rest of World) - which means it should pretty much just work across Europe on the Pre Plus. Whitby and co are definitely on the case with the Meta-Doctor, though, so stay tuned, US users.

Update 4: Looks like Flash is not included for the Pre Plus.

Source: Palm Download (only works on O2 DE Pre Plus), What's new PDF;
via PreCentral Forums 1 and Precentral Forums 2@twtomcat, @o2inside
Thanks GuyFromNam!