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webOS 2.1 released OTA to Pre 2 phones, Exhibition mode in tow

by Derek Kessler Tue, 08 Mar 2011 3:27 pm EST

webOS 2.1 has already made its way to older devices like European Palm Pre Plus phones, but now it looks like it’s finally making its way onto newer devices, namely the Palm Pre 2. We’re admittedly a little surprised it’s taken this long for webOS 2.1 to be released for the Pre 2 (especially the unlocked Pre 2), but we’re glad to see it finally hitting, at least for the Rogers Pre 2 (where we've already seen 2.1 glimpsed before). Yeah, it’s pretty silly that the Pre Plus got 2.1 before the 2.0 launch vehicle Pre 2. Regardless, even though the changelog hasn’t yet been published, we can tell you that webOS 2.1 brings the usual basket of bug fixes along with probably-not-noticeable speed and battery life improvements, and also finally brings Exhibition mode support to the Pre 2.

Meanwhile, head on over to our webOS 2.1 thread to talk it up - here's the thread where our members first spotted the update. So far we are seeing it on the unlocked Pre 2 and on the Pre 2 on Rogers in Canada. No word just yet on Verizon.

Update: A few people reporting that they're having problems connecting / downloading the update (yours-truly included). That's a new wrinkle in webOS updates, hopefully it will get ironed out soon.

Update 2: Plenty of success stories all around. 2.1 FTW.

Thanks to Kyle for the tip!