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webOS 3.0.2 68 update now available for HP TouchPad!

by Derek Kessler Mon, 01 Aug 2011 6:22 pm EDT

So maybe things got a little delayed this morning when Richard Kerris tweeted out that the first webOs update would be available this morning. But never fear, for the update's available now!

If you fire up the System Updates app on your TouchPad you'll be notified to download the 38MB webOS 3.0.2 68 update (that'd be webOs 3.0.2, build 68), which offers improvements to the Calendar, Email, Music, Photos & Videos, Text Assist, and web browser apps, as well as generl system and security updates. We're downloading it now and will report back to you if we find anything interesting.

UPDATE: Official changelog from HP's TouchPad support page is after the break!

webOS 3.0.2

HP webOS system update 3.0.2 provides increased system performance and stability and addresses a number of bugs.

HP webOS system update 3.0.2 offers improvements in the following areas.

Core applications


  • Quicker Just Type event search and event creation
  • Improved handing of meeting cancellations


  • Faster scrolling
  • Improved message content and image display
  • Improved management of multiple emails in Draft and Outbox views


  • Reduced audio skipping when the device is running other applications
  • Better display of album art

Photos & Videos

  • Added ability to set wallpapers
  • Faster and more reliable handling of individual photos and albums

Text Assist

  • Improved speed and accuracy of auto-corrections


  • Increased scrolling support compatibility within web pages
  • Improved performance of remote HTML5 video playback
  • Improved responsiveness of auto correction within the browser

webOS System

  • Fixed issues with oversensitive screen rotation


This release addresses a number of security issues with HP webOS software.

Individuals interested in contacting HP to report suspected security issues can find more information at hpwebos.com/security .