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webOS 3.0.2 to bring HP MovieStore, Kindle, and more [Exclusive]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 15 Jul 2011 10:57 am EDT

Got that HP TouchPad but finding yourself disappointed or frustrated by webOS 3.0? Well, that over-the-air update that HP’s been promising is soon to be made available. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we now have an idea of what’s going to be included in the update, and some new apps that are en route. First up, those new apps: HP expects to release during the week of July 18th (that’s next week, if you weren’t sure) both the HP MovieStore and an HP music store of some variety. Due later in the month will be Amazon Kindle and Amazon MP3.

By the end of July the first OTA update for the TouchPad will be pushed, bumping it up to webOS 3.0.2. Included in the update will be new Calculator and Clock apps, improvements to the Email app in scrolling and image rendering, and better folder support and set as wallpaper for Photos & Videos. Autocorrect’s speed and accuracy is due for improvement (with the addition of the missing contractions), and audio and video quality is also slated to be improved (which includes the miserable quality of Skype).

Apart from that, there are some bug fixes slated in the form of reducing the sensitivity of screen rotation, app web pages opening to the App Catalog, and faster downloads for Pivot. The end of the month can’t get here soon enough.

Thanks anonymous!