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webOS 3 Enyo tidbits: cross device, cross-platform, PDK, and more

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 30 Mar 2011 4:43 pm EDT

Details are rolling in from the webOS CONNECT event in London yesterday as well as hints from HP's new webOS developer portal.

First up, PreCentral reader Adam jumped into the Q&A with both feet yesterday and we've got confirmation of a few things: first, webOS 3.0 / Enyo will be available on the Pre 2, Pre 3, Veer, and TouchPad. Sorry "legacy" webOS devices, but HP "had to draw the line" somewhere. 

Adam also asked about PDK support on the desktop version of webOS and, sad to say, the picture is still very much unclear. HP noted that "hardware restrictions may mean not all apps will be supported," which may offer a glimmer of hope that you can get your Angry Birds on inside the webOS window, but the straight-up truth is we probably won't know for sure until the browser-based beta is released later this year.

HP also noted that their PC-version of webOS will be HP-only, at least "that is the current plan." Interestingly, PC reader Martin pointed us to HP's own product page on the developer portal, which has this little tidbit about Enyo:

[The TouchPad is the] First device designed around webOS 3.0 and apps developed using the cross-platform Enyo framework; apps written with Enyo will work with iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, and Android devices. To find out more about Enyo, join the Early Access program.

So Enyo, which we already know works quite well within the Chrome browser on the desktop, will apparently enable developers to build web apps that could work across multilple devices. There's a bit of a mixed signal here - but we're sure it'll clear up over time.

Next up, @errade confirmed something else Adam heard and what we all expected: webOS 3.0 will allow you to share a single Palm Profile across multiple devices. Interestingly, it looks as though HP is going to allow developers to choose whether their apps can be installed on multiple devices or limited to just one. While we're all for giving power to developers, compared to the "buy once, install anywhere" policies found in the App Stores of iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry, that seems like a step backwards to us.

Finally, tyler3_o also noted that the TouchPad will have a "thin on-screen strip just below cards" for the gesture area on legacy Mojo apps. It's not clear whether that still will be gesture-enabled or just have buttons for back, center, and forward.

Source: HP; Thanks Adam, @errade, tyler3_o and Martin!