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Palm VP Joe Hayashi gave a presentation on marketing webOS Apps and the current and future state of the Palm App catalog. While the majority of the presentation covered the general marketing concepts he presented at he last Dev Day's presentation (YouTube Link here), he did drop some new details.

Operator/Carrier billing will be available to some customers in early 2011. No details on which carriers or countries, but of importance to developers, this will not affect that 70/30 revenue split the currently receive from sales of their apps. The carrier billing option will also be opt-in for consumers - you can still always buy your apps directly from Palm with the credit card you assign to your Palm Profile.

Promo Codes will also be available early next year, allowing developers, HP or the carriers to create promotional codes to use in the App catalog. Promo codes will be good for free downloads of apps (discounts won't be supported). Developers will be able to generate a given number special links that will go to a free version of their app to give away. HP will also be able to create promo codes for a dollar amount for people to use to purchase apps (and yes, devs will still get paid). One notable caveat: customers do need to have previously set up a payment method in order to use a promo code.

One nice thing: Palm and HP have heard loud and clear that nobody is really happy with the geo-restricted nature of the App catalog that occurs when you activate your device in a country that doesn't support paid apps. They're researching a solution, it's a priority, they say.


Finally, as previously reported, the App Catalog will be getting an overhaul for webOS 2.0, including an updated search algorithm to provide more relevant results, improved navigation, more relevant lists/categories, and configurable "ad tiles" on the top of the screen. While we have only seen those tiles display two specific apps, they do have the capability to link those to lists or categories of apps.