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Best webOS Apps for Kids

by Sharon L Copeland Fri, 18 May 2012 3:22 pm EDT

Best webOS Apps for Kids


One of the best things that ever happen to webOS was the fire sale. It made TouchPad available and affordable for everyone. Which comes to my next point, the price point of 99.00 to 149.00 made it easy for not only adults, but for kids who wanted their first tablet during the holiday season. So with such responsibility of owning a TouchPad comes finding the right apps for the children. To not only entertain, but keep them out of mom’s hair while she’s cooking.

Dots N Lines

Free, by Diniplay (for the TouchPad)

dots n lines on touchpad

Everyone has played connect the dots as a wee tot. Remember the days when you were rocking back and forth in grandma’s rocking chair, feet barely touching the ground. Your chubby digits armed with a Sunday paper and a crayon trying to connect the dots to find Curious George through the swiggled lines on the paper. Dots N Lines have improved on that classic game and it is just pure fun. Soon as the app opens up you have four game modes to choose from. The classic connect the dots, the rolling the ball (our personal favorite), surprise dots and lined ABC’s. 

The way they improved is the developer, Diniplay made it more educational, colorful and engages one to the point of complete addiction. Even adults will enjoy this app just for sheer joy of seeing what object will pop up; fun for the whole family!


Free, by Zone 303 (for the TouchPad)

differences on touchpad

Another game played by many children has gone digital with one slight twist. Equipped with high resolution photographs, this app uses a baseball saying of three strikes you’re out when guessing the differences in the pictures. The big red X’s are hard to miss. There are four differences you have to locate in the photos and it can be subtle as change in the color of the sky, to double the number of flowers found on a birdhouse. When you get all four changes right, you move on to the next picture. Finish all the pictures with in a set, you move to the next level. There are thirty-two levels in the free version. You can get up to 80 levels for only 1.99. A great buy for a great app.

Make a Scene Farmyard Lite

Free, by Innivo (for the TouchPad)

make a scene on touchpad

This is one of the best apps for kids we have ever seen. No detail was spared in the quality or execution because the theme music had even my dog’s attention. The Make Scene editions teach children about farm animals, oceanic sea creature and assorted wild life. It’s essentially Farmville for kids. The way they assembled the sounds, colors and narrative makes it very entertaining for kids of all ages.You have the option of two backgrounds and several animal, or stickers to place on the background. As you tap and pull down the animal stickers onto the vibrant backdrop, the animals make noise and move. How cute is that? You also get a voice over from a well-spoken gentleman of what animal, person or you attached to your background. You can double tap the screen to save the picture. We think you should also check out the new Animal Alphabet Phonics release, its really fun and visually stunning as well. Make a Scene would even make the great Jim Henson proud. Yep, it’s that good.

Kid’s Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book

Free, by Middlemind Games (for the TouchPad)

 kids cute and cuddly coloring book

Long time ago there was a little girl who loved to draw. She used every color in her crayon in her box to color the pages of her princess and unicorn coloring book. But alas once in a while she would lose a crayon or two from her 24 Crayola crayon box. If there was only a way to color the pages and not lose those waxy colored pencils. Thanks to Middlemind Games there is. Not too long ago we featured Finger Notes, but after trying Kids Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book we have to say the latter is much better. You have a plethora of colors, frames and coloring books to choose from. Mind you, to unlock the other coloring books it’s an extra .99 cents. What’s the highlight of this app for us? The crayon packs! You have a total of ninety-six colors, four themes at your beck and call. And when you’re young, crayons are a girl’s best friend. So seriously, you can’t put a price on happiness when its filled with a rainbow of colors and this much fun.


Free, by (for the TouchPad)

BrainPop on touchpad

If Make a Scene is to what is Farmville is for adults, then BrainPop is what the Electric Company was for adults of an earlier generation. The best education app for kids and adults on the TouchPad, BrainPop uses stunning animation and a robot along with his constant companion, to teach kids about history, science, and culture. The folks at BrainPop do it in such a way that it’s truthful, entertaining and free to everyone. You simply watch a BrainPop movie and answer a quiz afterwards. If you don’t want to do the quizzes you are free to watch other movies to learn about things you are interested about. What’s nice about this is the app is always changing and evolving. Developed by a pediatrician, it offers a wealth of knowledge on a 9.7” screen.

Animal ABC’s

.99, by (for the TouchPad)

animal abcs on touchpad


The next two apps are the best for toddlers and preschoolers learning their ABC’s, but are quite different and unique in their own right. Animal ABC’s by is a playful and enjoyable way moms can start teaching their babies their ABC’s way before they hit preschool. Sprinkled with calming colors and friendly animals from all walks of life, this is baby first app. By simply tapping a letter you get a soothing voice and animal sound announcing the adorable animal that pops up on the screen. Its like Sesame Street for webOS. Imagine the joy and laughter when you know your childs first word after mommyor daddy is cat or horse.You did that together, they learned something new...with you . Nothing fancy, no elborate animations; you just enjoy the simplicity and beauty that is Animal ABC's.

Kids Slate

.99, by (for the TouchPad)

Kids slate on touchpad

Kids Slate is a virtual blackboard for parents who want to teach their kids their abc's and 123's at home.  Like the previous apps, the app includes voice overs, bright colors that keep young eyes engaged, but comes with a plus. The pluses come in the form of shapes and the ablility to write on the screen and change the neon colors. It wa extremely easy to manuever the letters and shapes on to the screen and take them away.To clear off the blackboard, just tap clear to start all over again. To select tools tap the star shape and that when all the fun begins and thier imagination takes flight. This reminds me of a much simpler version of a graphic program like photoshop for the younger set. Kids Slate was made for parent and child interaction to teach them not only about tthe essentials of learning, but the rewards to learning together. Kids Slate can be found in the app catalog on the HP Touchpad.