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webOS Apps for Unit Converting

by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 09 May 2012 4:25 pm EDT

webOS Apps for Unit Converting
If there's one thing webOS doesn’t have a lack of is unit converters.The problem here is which one is right for you? From the initial observations of the app catalog it seems to be personality driven. Are you the dark brooding scientist? Are you the perky, verbal mathematician who loves color? Or are you the suited corporate business type, trading currency around the world? Do you like all the bells and whistles, or do you like to keep it simple and streamlined? The following converters have been selected for ease of use, style and ability to hold you attention whilst using them. Well at webOS nation we have found some great converters to suit your personality.

Easy Converter

.99, by GP Imports (webOS smartphones)

Easy Converter in Pre 3

The first thing you notice when you open the app it is a visual stunner. It looks like something out of the movie Tron, like a modern sci-fi calculaor. As you peruse the app you find it quite simple to use, but does take some getting used to. Some of the abbreviations are unrecognizable to the average Joe.To the person that uses calculus equations every day, you’ll have no problem. If you click the little cogwheel symbol then the “I” icon, it gives you a list of organized units from angle to work units. Select feet to inches for instance; then put in a number to calculate; very easy to use. It's perfectly suited for the Pre mobile suite of devices to carry with you and convert in style.

Convert Joy

.99, by Palm Joy Inc. (webOS smartphones)

Convert Joy in Palm Pre 3

Ok you want a unit converter but that has a lighter approach to use and a more cheerful appearance. Convert Joy might be the perfect fit. Peppered with colorful icons, the app takes advantage of simplicity and with a few taps it will find the answer to your problem. By tapping one of the icons, a new screen appears. Just select your units by clicking the down arrow, put in your numbers and it coverts your units. The switch unit button located in the middle is loads of fun to use. You can even email the developer with any questions under the drop down menu in the about section. We whole heartedly agree at webOS nation that this would be a fantastic converter for kids to use in their math and science classes at school. We can't think of a better way to spread the word of webOS around to the next scientists of our generation.


.99, by Jamtat (TouchPad)

Unit App In TouchPad

This is the Madonna of the unit converters. Bold, vibrant, and reinventing what converters should look like. Everything about this app has been well thought out. You can see it in the warm autumn color of the function buttons to the dark charcoal color of the leather backdrop. Yes it works like other unit converters, but as they say in design details matter. What is so appealing about this is app is not only the use of color but proportion.The icons and verbiage are situated to the left, with the font being large enough to be read and easy to convert.The look of the application reminds us of an expensive business binder with the calculator attached but without the yellow legal pad. What's our favorite function of this app? You can easily switch conversions by touching the gold button in the middle,and BAM! It becomes animated! We love it, and we think you will too.

Unit Converter

Free, by MeCurious (TouchPad)

Unit Converter in TouchPad

This app doesn’t mess with a lot of bells and whistles. Equipped with clean interface and simple icons, it is the less fussy out of all the converters. You have your unit list to the right listed as follows: a byte converter, length converter, angle converter, energy converter, temperature converter, pressure converter and a number to word converter. That last one was a bit of a surprise to be found in a converter, it always good to have the unexpected in design, What will they think of next? You just simply tap an icon, and on the warm gray screen pops up two boxes with drop down arrows. Simply touch the arrows on the from and to boxes to figure your units. There is ease and simplicity to Unit Converter not to mention the price makes it a very attractive app indeed.

So it doesn't matter if you like it dark and cool, bright and happy. Pick the converter that suits your style and  that ultimately gets the job done.