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webOS backup utility in the works

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Nov 2009 10:37 am EST

Palm Pre Backup The prospects of a cloud-connected phone were obvious from the day that the Palm Pre and webOS were announced. Apart from being always connected, having all your data backed up in multiple places was an alluring concept. Fast-forward to today’s webOS and while the always-connected bit is more or less true, there are still some glaring holes in the backup abilities of the OS. PreCentral forum member DrewPre decided that having things like your call logs, SMS conversations, and whatnot not backed up wasn’t good enough and set out to create a backup app for webOS.

And create it he did. For his first webOS app, Palm Pre Backup is quite impressive. Currently the app takes data from your phone (call logs, contacts, tasks, memos, and SMS conversations) web browser (bookmarks, cookies, and history), bundles them up with your apps and patches, and spits out a nice little zip package onto your phone’s USB drive partition. From there you can copy it to your desktop computer and have a handy backup at the ready for the next time you need to reset or replace your webOS phone.

Palm Pre Backup In the even that you do have to reset or replace your webOS phone, restoring all the lost data is as simple as rooting your Pre and entering “tar -xvzf /media/internal/ppbackup/ppbku.tar.gz”. This will unzip the compressed backup file into its respective files on the phone. DrewPre has plans to build this restore functionality into Palm Pre Backup, but for now is focusing on ironing out some small issues with the way backups are handled. Once that feature is implemented all you’ll have to do is load the backup file back onto your reset phone and hit the Restore button. Voila, it all comes back.

Restore functionality isn’t the only thing on DrewPre’s plate. He’s hoping to address multiple and incremental backups, scheduled backups, automated transfer of the backup file to your computer, among other things. All in all, Palm Pre Backup is shaping up to be a very impressive app, especially when you consider that this is DrewPre’s first attempt at programming for webOS. And where did he get the help he needed to get this app off the ground? The PreCentral webOS Development forums, of course.

Palm Pre Backup is looking to be in Preware’s app feed in the next few days. Let the beta testing commence! DrewPre isn’t sitting idle, though. Apart from the updates addressed above he’s planning to make a webOS app to transfer your Palm Profile contacts to Gooogle, all without having to hook up to a PC.

Thanks to Kmax12 for the tip!