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webOS backups failing? Ruh-roh. (don't panic)

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Dec 2011 7:03 pm EST

Over the past day we’ve received a few reports of webOS users finding that automatic backups to HP’s servers were failing. Annoyingly, there’s still no notification for when those backups do fail. Anyway, we decided to investigate ourselves, picking up a Pre3 on AT&T, Pre 2 on Sprint, and two TouchPads, spanning three webOS accounts in total. All four devices failed to complete a backup, with the last backup performed in the late afternoon of November 30th.

Taking things a step further, we asked on Twitter to see if any readers were encountering issues. The response, overwhelmingly, was “yes.” More than 4/5 of respondents noted that their webOS devices were not able to complete a backup and that the last successful backup was no more recent than early yesterday evening. Strangely, it seems that the vast majority of those who were able to complete backups were still running webOS 1.4.5, so either the older version of the OS is not affected or it’s not reporting that it’s failed.

Our assumption is that this is a glitch in the matrix. HP’s @webOSdev Twitter account admitted that there are “some issues with the cloud” that are likely affecting backups and that HP is aware of it and working to correct it (why that was put out on the webOS Developer Relations account and not the more widely-followed @palm?).

So no, this is not HP trying to wind things down and shut down the backup servers. Doing that earlier than two years after the last TouchPad sale would be a recipe for a class action lawsuit. Also, we imagine that your backups are likely safe. The webOS GBU seems to keep pretty decent backups of the backups (redundancy at its best), so we’d guess that a pipe somewhere is broken or misrouted.

But something to keep in mind: If there’s something bothering your about the way your Pre or TouchPad is handling itself right now, don’t go and run a webOS Doctor until we know things are back up and running. We’d hate for you to try to restore a device and not have access to your backed-up profile. Also, if you’re homebrewing (apps and patches, not beer, though that’s not a bad idea either) and haven’t installed Save/Restore to perform additional on-device settings backups, you’re wrong.

We’ve reached out to HP for additional comment on the cause of this issue and when we can expect it to be fixed. We’ll be sure to update you if/when anything happens.

Source: webOS DevRelations (Twitter); Thanks to eveyrbody on Twitter!