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webOS boosts Activesync enterprise features for TouchPad & Pre3 with "Enable Encryption"

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 09 Aug 2011 4:54 pm EDT

As HP intensifies its webOS push into the enterprise market, it faces an increased focus on security features and management. One area where webOS has lagged somewhat behind competitors is in its support for various security features within Microsoft Exchange Activesync. As of webOS 1.1, basic security features like Remote Wipe have been supported, but many organizations also require device encryption before allowing smartphones and tablets to be connected to their networks.

With the release of webOS 3.x on the TouchPad, there have been various rumors that additional features such as device encryption were added, but neither HP's published specifications or its official webOS security white paper (which dates back to January 2010) provide any confirmation. In response to an e-mailed query, however, Chuq Von Rospach, the Developer Community Manager for the webOS Global Business Unit, provided the following new information:

"[T]he TouchPad and Pre3 also support the Enable Encryption policy. More specifically, the devices are always encrypted."

It is not yet clear whether upcoming webOS updates for the currently available smartphones (the Pre 2 and Veer) will also add this functionality, but we would hope they will. We also encourage HP to make this newly added security feature, and in fact all of webOS' enterprise benefits, better known and understood to the enterprise market.

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