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webOS Butler 90 Day Trial: Support and Setup for your HP TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 29 Jun 2011 3:32 pm EDT

Looking to buy an HP TouchPad in the next few days? If so, be sure to look into the 90 Day free trial of the new and entirely unique support service for the maiden tablet device, webOS Butler. If the webOS Doctor is meant to get you back up on your feet after a near-death experience on your webOS device, the webOS Butler has been created to make you as comfortable and content with webOS as possible. It goes beyond the gesture area tutorials that we got on our smartphones, and gives new webOS users a tool for getting to know their device inside and out, with the help of HP support representatives, of course. But what exactly is it?A

With every new HP TouchPad purchase in the foreseeable future (we haven't heard of an end date to this promotion yet), the owner is to receive a 90 day trial of the webOS Butler support service. Which includes live phone support and live chat right on the device (or via a desktop PC). webOS Butler was created to help new users get up and running with everything webOS has to offer in a short amount of time (though they probably won't advise getting into Homebrew, we can imagine), and continue providing that support into the future through a paid subscription. 

We don't really have any other details besides those, so we can't tell you what support services they'll provide specifically, if there is a limit on the amount of support you can receive before being charged, or if they'll focus more on enterprise users or consumers. But we do like the sound of someone being on hand at all times to help new users. As many of us have said in the past, you have to truly get to know webOS before you realize how invaluable it is. Maybe HP gets that message as well. Either way, free 90 days of direct support sounds good to us.

Source: Amazon Spec Sheet; Via: PreCentral Forums; Thanks, Everyone!