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webOS CONNECT Developer events headed to Paris / Berlin in May

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 28 Apr 2011 2:13 pm EDT

We've seen the webOS CONNECT events come to London, England and Mainz, Germany already with much delight from our developer friends across the pond. And while they did a great job at getting people connected to the platform in those cities, we've been waiting patiently for HP to follow-through on their promise of more events around Europe and the States for a little while now. The day of revelation has finally arrived, and we now have word about two new events coming next month in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France.

We aren't given much information about the upcoming events, especially with the ominous "Details coming soon" message present on the event registration website, but if you are near either of those regions and are interested in joining other developers at those events, you can register early and wait for those details to arrive later. 

With other events cropping up at HP to talk about the webOS 3.0 SDK and the soon-to-be released TouchPad (like the one going on today in Sunnyvale), you probably won't be too hard-pressed to assume they'll be putting a lot of emphasis on developing for the tablet device. Richard Kerris is also expected to there, as well as others from the webOS Developer team, so we'll probably see that familiar level of interaction and networking that has come to define the great relationships in the webOS community.

If you want more information, you'll just have to wait until more is released to the public to find out. Still, you can register for the events for free and catch-up on what has happened at these events in the past to get an idea of what is coming. You can use our new webOS Events forum to discuss meeting plans with other developers as well. No doubt there will be a lot of opportunity to meet great people and learn new practices once everyone gets together next month. 

Will you be going?