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One of the hottest tickets around in the coming months is going to be webOS running on full-fledge laptop and desktop computers. We've seen it hacked onto a Chinese desktop. And we heard ol' Jon Rubinstein himself talk it up a little more recently, about how it'll be running "in a window." And now we've possibly got a few more details ahead of the eventual beta launch, courtesy of a patent application.

The patent actually was filed way back in late August 2010. Titled "File System for Dual Operating Systems," it deals with, obviously enough, file systems and how something like webOS on a desktop would work. And we'll be perfectly honest here: It's dry reading, even with this pictures.

Check out the whole shebang at the source link, if you dare, and we've got a few more pictures from the application after the break.

World Intellectual Property Organization (patent pdf) via PalmPre-France