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HP hints at webOS desktop integration?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 07 Feb 2011 4:03 pm EST

Today HP unveiled a new version of its Windows 7-based TouchSmart PC, the TouchSmart 610. It's an iterative improvement over the previous version - the big change is that they've created the clever hinge you see above so you can place the PC at a more comfortable angle.

From our perspective, however, the more intriguings part of the story comes from the fact that the release was an occasion for HP's Kirk Godkin to dish to CIO about how HP is thinking about the integration of the different types of computing devices they're producing.  Specifically, we've been wondering if there was a place for a webOS environment running on top of traditional desktop operating systems and synced to tablets and phones. 

[...] multiple operating systems can be loaded on a single all-in-one through virtualized environments, and developers will be able to switch between operating systems without rebooting the system.

"Even in content creation devices like this, WebOS has roots," Godkin said.

In addition to the cloud, devices like all-in-ones or towers could become a spot to store data in homes where it can be touched, felt and heard, Godkin said. The company is heavily focused on establishing a strong local sync relationship for desktops to easily handshake with mobile devices.

Parsing that out, it seems pretty clear that HP not only wants to spread webOS out amongst a multitude of devices, but also ensure that it integrated with non-webOS devices in elegant ways. CIO also made sure to mention that the MediaServer team has already been integrated into the webOS team to further improve its multimedia experience.

Source: CIO; Thanks to rot in our Forums!