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webOS Developer Day - Friday's video roundup

by Adam Marks Sat, 20 Nov 2010 5:47 pm EST

Day 1 of webOS Developer Day was action-packed with some amazing presentations.  For all those who were not able to make it in person, the good news is that videos of all the presentations have been uploaded to Palm's YouTube site and are all included below.  It's just like being there in New York City, except you don't get a free Pre 2

Catch all the links after the break!


Intro to HP webOS: Getting Started - Emulator and Debugging
Speaker: Josh Marinacci, Engineer, Developer Relations, HP
Description: This hands-on tutorial introduction covers the nuts and bolts of webOS and more. Learned the basics of the platform, build and run a simple app of your own, and received step-by-step instructions for getting your apps into the App Catalog

Intro to HP webOS: Device Services and APIs - Intro to PDK
Speaker: Ben Combee, Sr. Engineer, Developer Relations, HP.

Copyright Law for Developers
Speaker: Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor, Assist. Professor of Law and Technology at The Institute for Business, Law & Technology
Description: This session covers the issues surrounding intellectual property and copyright laws and the implications of the development and deployment tactics used.

Homebrew: Community and WebOS Internals
Speaker: Rod Whitby
Description: WebOS Internals Founder Rod Whitby provides an overview of the webOS open source homebrew development organization and takes a tour of the architecture, operation, and ecosystem to show how to develop third-party webOS patches, themes, and kernels.

Drive Your App To Success with Metrics
Speaker: Greg Hrebek, Metrix
Description: App analytics is key to understanding your user base, and this session covers key app performance indicators and how to interpret them, so developers know whenre to focus their efforts more effectively and efficiently.