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webOS Developer Day(s) are almost here! Update: "Enyo" App Framework to get sneak peek

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sat, 20 Nov 2010 4:48 pm EST

It's been a long time coming (okay, just a couple of months), but it's almost here: webOS Developer Day (or rather days, including the pre-conference) are this Friday and Saturday, November 19th to 20th, at 82 Mercer in New York City. A few brand-new announcements, courtesy of an e-mail from Palm:

  • A Community Forum Track has been added to the agenda on Friday, November 19th and will run in parallel to the Intro to webOS content being presented in Track 1. It features a select group of webOS community all-stars, who will share their ideas and insights.
  • [Palm will] be raffling off the newly announced Palm Pre 2 to attendees throughout the day. The new device will be the first to run webOS 2.0, currently available through our Early Access program.

A partial list of the sessions on the agenda:

and yes, even

There are also some fun socializing (Beverages! Bowling!) and networking opportunities along the way.

If you haven't already registered, you're running out of time, so go do it! I (and many more of the PreCentral team) will see you in the Big Apple!

Update: We know that one of the premier features in webOS 2.0 is a switch from Java to Javascript services, improving speed and web standards. One thing we didn't know that appears in the aforementioned Agenda for Dev Day: something called "Enyo." Here's the relevant agenda item:

Track 1: A First Look at Enyo, Next Generation webOS App Framework
Speaker: Matthew McNulty, Director, webOS Tools and Frameworks, HP
Description: This session offers a sneak peek of what's next for JavaScript development on webOS. Learn about the benefits of the
next-generation framework and its impact on webOS developers. In addition to giving an overview of the framework and supporting
tools, Matt will demonstrate applications built using this new technology.

We'll be curious to hear what that's all about, but a "Next Generation webOS App Framework" sounds mighty interesting. Also, improved Javascript performance is important for mobile platforms. It's one of the core reasons Android 2.2 is so much faster than previous versions and it stands to reason Palm doesn't intend to miss out on the trend.