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webOS devices to be enterprise-ready at launch with Citrix

by Riz Parvez Thu, 10 Feb 2011 10:37 pm EST

One of the questions we asked HP during our brief one-on-one session was about their take on the Enterprise market. In the midst of having to be fairly guarded with details on a lot of different fronts, the folks at HP pulled no punches when it came to talk about Enterprise. It was clear from our brief discussion that they were extremely serious about this front. When considering how the TouchPad will distinguish itself from the other big name tablets entering the space, HP spoke clearly about the strong demand for alternatives to the established players. They also didn’t mince words about their cohesive ecosystem, device interconnectivity and powerful enterprise distribution channels as major draw to enterprise customers; One which they intend to leverage to the fullest extent. 

Not hours after the introduction, The Citrix Blog wrote about enterprise readiness for the Pre3 and TouchPad thorough their Citrix Reciever app. The app, which they describe as "a lightweight software client that will “turn any webOS device into a powerful business tool by providing secure Enterprise access..." is planned to be ready "on Day 1," for HP's new devices. 

They go on to report enthusiastically that Citrix Receiver will make webOS devices enterprise-ready by securely delivering access to the existing ecosystem of Windows based apps: Citrix Receiver will instantly enable new webOS devices for the enterprise!” and then note that Citrix is "enabling the 'Bring Your Own Device' revolution" by supporting all the major platforms. 

Given the timing of their lengthy blog post just hours after the announcement began to unfold, this post looks to be more than just an "oh yeah, webOS too" footnote. Rather, it seems highly likely that HP has been making strides behind the scenes to make sure their vertically integrated ecosystem gets some developer love. Add that to a full version of QuickOffice, Touch To Share, and smart Touchstones, and all of us enterprise users out there suddenly have a lot to be really excited about.  


Source: The Citrix Blog