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webOS Events for August, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 02 Aug 2011 7:34 am EDT

The month of August is just getting started, and in the back of everyone's mind we are preparing ourselves for more webOS devices to be released. This month won't only be bringing the TouchPad to the Eastern Hemisphere on the 15th, or possibly AT&T HP TouchPad 4G and the mythical HP Pre 3 at the end of the month, but also some good-times webOS events for developers, fans, investors and researchers alike. Hit the break below to see all of the events we've found so far for the month of August, and if you have another you'd like to add, send an email to tim@precentral.net. You can also join our webOS Events forums to see what else the community is talking about for this month.

webOS Meetup.com Groups


Sometimes we'll miss some of the Meetup groups that are active and available for members to join, and in that case we refer you to Meetup.com. John Kneeland of the webOS GBU Dev Relations Team has mentioned it a few times already (including once in our forums), and is trying to get more people who are interested to get involved in webOS-related meetups in their region. Check it out and see if there are any people around you that might want to get together, but don't forget to let us know what events you start so we can add it to the list here!

HP webOS Developer Workshop

August 5th in Sunnyvale, California

HP continues to ramp up their developers and get them up to speed with the tools they have available through some great workshops at their Sunnyvale campus, and so far this month there is one planned to start in just a few days. If you're in the Sunnyvale, California area on the 5th of August, be sure to go to the HP webOS Campus to meet your favorite developers and dev relations team members, learn about webOS development, get hands-on experience with the latest development tools and generally just get a good idea what it's like to build a webOS application. We've heard these have been a big success so far, so it's nice to see HP continue the trend.

TouchPad Launch Party in NYC

August 18th in New York City, New York

It's a TouchPad launch party that's going down in Bryant Park in New York City on the 18th, and you're invited to join the crew there. Our own Jonathan Ezor is co-hosting the event with Aclass Apps, and there are already nearly 200 members of the group out there that make the webOS NYC Community a lot of fun to be a part of. Get more information on Meetup.com or in our Forums.

St. Louis webOS Meetup

August 12th in St. Louis, MO

The Gateway to the West, a.k.a. St. Louis, Missouri, is getting ready to get some webOS action on the 20th of this month. At the Schlafly Tap Room on Saturday night you can join other webOS fans from the region as they go over their favorite apps, talk about the latest news and share cool tricks with their webOS devices. As one of the few meetups to happen in the Mid West, we know that many of you will be looking forward to this one, so head to the official registration page to learn more.