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webOS Events for July, 2011

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 02 Jul 2011 2:03 am EDT

The HP TouchPad is here, and people everywhere are celebrating with various events around the world. Bookmark this page and check back at the list below often as we share some of the launch parties, developer events, webOS meetups and official HP conventions that wiill be going on for the month of July. If you have any other events that don't appear on the list below, let us add it in! Send an email to tim@precentral.net and we'll add it in the next chance we get. Click through the break and see the whole list. 

webOS Baltimore First Meetup

July 9th in Baltimore, Maryland

The Baltimore, MD webOS community is getting together on July 9th for their first meetup, and it's already looking to be quite a bit of fun. A number of developers, webOS fans and even a Palm GBU employee or two will be showing up at Pickle's Pub on Washington Blvd. As it turns out, the event is free for registration as well through the Meetup page, so click through to learn more.

BlueVia webOS HackEvening

July 11th in London, England

Developers in the London area, listen up: BlueVia, a company that provides information, API's and a testing platform to help make mobile app launches a success, is hosting a TouchPad-friendly, HP sponsored, webOS HackEvening this Monday, July 11th in London, England. Get more details at their page on the webOS Developer Portal here.

Silicon Valley HTML 5 Meetup at Palm GBU Campus

July 12th in Sunnyvale, California

When it comes to creating an argument to bring new developers to the webOS platform, telling developers that they can use HTML 5 (something they're already familiar with) when developing applications is one of the best ways to go, and it shows (The HP TouchPad has more apps built specifically for it than even Honeycomb has). HP is hosting an HTML 5 meetup at the Palm GBU Campus on July 12th, and it should come as no surprise why that is the case. Space is limited, but registration is free, so click the link to learn more.

Schaumburg webOS Fan Meetup

July 15th in Schaumburg, IL

 While the Midwest meetup discussions have been put on hold, another group of users have taken over the discussion thread in our forums to start their own small webOS fan meetup. On July 15th, in the small town of Schaumburg, IL, you can join a number of other developers and users as they meet casually to talk up devices and have some fun. It might not be the biggest event on our list, but it's still gonna be fun, so you should definitely take a look.

webOS Developer Workshops

July 21st in Sunnyvale, California

The webOS Developer Workshops just keep coming, and we can't say we object at all. This month you can head back out to Sunnyvale on the 21st for another event at the Palm GBU campus. Developers interested in the webOS app platform can come to learn how to get started with app development, or tone their programming muscles for more complex projects. You canregister for this workshop and look at details for future workshops in the webOS developer portal here.

webOS Dallas Developer & Community Meetup

July 22nd in Dallas, Texas

 For fans and developers in the Dallas area, this is the meetup and conference that you will want to get involved with. With two separate events happening at the same place, not only will developers have a chance to listen to a few presentations to get them more familiar with the platform (and speak with a number of well-known HP representatives on several topics as well), but webOS fans and users can enjoy a fun community meetup as well. Grab the rest of the details here.

OSCON Homebrew Talk with Rod Whitby

July 27th in Portland, Oregon

It's another HP sponsored webOS presentation that's happening in Portland, Orgeon on July 27th, but this time the topic of discussion is Homebrew development for webOS, and the speaker is the head of WebOS Internals himself, Rod Whitby. If you are in the Portland area or will be at OSCON, you do not want to miss this presentation on Wednesday morning.

PhoneGap Day

July 29th in Portland, Oregon

If you're looking for a good time with other mobile app developers (from various platforms) that includes beer, food and geeky talk, then PhoneGap Day on the 29th is where you want to go. PhoneGap is the multi-OS app development platform based on HTML5. With PhoneGap you can build apps for webOS, Android, iOS and others without having to re-structure your entire app for each ecosystem. Find out more information about PhoneGap Day at their website here.


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