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webOS Half-off sale extended to July 23rd

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 28 Jun 2010 7:00 pm EDT


Still can't decide which apps to pick up in Palm's Half-off sale? We won't judge waffling on fifty cents (much), but you now have another two weeks to pick and choose - Palm has extended the sale until July 23rd, per the Palm Developer Blog:

We’re so happy with the response that we’ve decided to extend the sale for an additional two weeks. Not only will this give customers more time to explore the catalog and get great deals on your apps, it will give you more time to generate sales and revenue

This also gives new developers (and iPhone game porters) a little more time to get in on the app-sale action. Remember, too, that Palm is absorbing the cost of the sale here, so developers get the full payment for sold apps.

In a related note, PreCentral Tip-meister Extraordinaire Adam Marks notes that App Catalog search is greatly improved lately, meaning it's easier to find the apps you want to purchase :)


Source: Palm Developer Blog