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As we already know, Palm is set to present at the Game Developers Conference in sunny San Francisco next month, talking about the future of gaming on its webOS platform and releasing the PDK (Plug-in Development Kit) in beta form to the masses. This is exciting stuff, to be sure, but it should be noted that developers from the WebOS Internals group have been bringing us binary-coded games for some time now, even before the PDK was a twinkle in our eyes.

This means two things. First, that developers interested in writing their own binary based applications or porting others over to webOS don’t have to wait for the official PDK to become available to start coding. The WebOS Internals PDK, using the same underlying technology as Palm’s PDK, enables developers to port games now and get a head-start on development against the official Palm PDK.

Second, that there’s a laundry list of great (and free!) emulators and games available through Preware and WebOS Quick Install thanks to their hard work, including but not limited to:

This is all in addition to the myriad of patches, tweaks, and other enhancements made possible by the team. If you dig their work, don’t be afraid to hit that donate button.